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Brides & Grooms!

Wedding videography is like a time machine that allows you to relive the best day of your life. It captures not only the highlights but also the bloopers, the crazy dance moves, and the embarrassing speeches from your drunk uncle. Sure, photos are great, but they don't quite capture the full story of your wedding day. You can't hear your mom's happy tears or your best friend's laughter in a photo. Plus, a video gives you the chance to catch all the little moments you might have missed while you were busy being the center of attention. Trust me; you'll want to watch your wedding video over and over again, just like you do with your favorite Netflix series. So, don't skimp on the videography - it's an investment in laughs, tears, and memories that will last a lifetime!

Past Work

Our past wedding videos are like a highlight reel of all the love, laughter, and shenanigans that happened on the big day. They're the perfect way to get a feel for our style of video and see just how much fun we have capturing these moments. From epic dance-offs to heartfelt speeches, we've seen it all, and we always manage to capture those special moments that make each wedding unique. So, if you're curious about what kind of video we'll create for your big day, take a peek at our past work! And who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of yourself tearing up during the vows or showing off your best moves on the dance floor. But don't worry, we won't tell anyone - what happens at the wedding, stays at the wedding (unless it's caught on camera, of course!).

Ashley + Tyler

Jeremy + Megan

Joe + Jill

Kelsie + Maxwell


Meet The Team


Nathan Hand
Owner/Creative Director/Videographer


Kimberly Hand
Owner/Photographer/Second Shooter

Meet your content creator's Ultimate-Married-Duo-Super team. Too much?

We are dog lovers, DQ Blizzard connoisseurs, a perfect mix between homebody and adventure seekers, and most importantly; we love telling your story.

Based out of Northwest Indiana, we have been creating content in one way or another for over 10 years!

When it comes to videography and photography our philosophy is to not just deliver you with a product, but to cultivate a relationship with you and make sure you have a seamless experience with any project you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you and creating something AMAZING together.


Handprint Media has been absolutely amazing every step of the way. They are willing to work with you on everything to make sure you have your perfect day. They are very welcoming and allow you to be yourself. They helped capture our love in every way. They are very organized and helped us with any questions. Got our sneak peak photos day after and our whole photoshoot within two days and they are amazing! So many compliments! They are a very talented company! On our wedding day everything was perfect and they were so helpful! I am so happy we picked Kim and Nathan for our special day! We highly recommended them!


If I could give more than 5 stars I would! We used Nathan for videography for our wedding and he captured us absolutely PERFECTLY. Before our day, we had a video consult, and I already knew that Nathan paid so great attention to detail and wanted to make sure that he captured us and important things for our day. On the day of, even though we were a little far from where he was located, he traveled and was able to meet us at my hair appointment early. He blended in so well with the wedding for the day - that was something that as a guest I always noted - and many of my guests said he blended right in and was not distracting, all while capturing those crucial shots. When we got our video back, I have to say it only reinforced our decision to get a videographer. It was so so perfect and flowed together so well. We can't stop watching it and sharing it with our family and friends. We recommend Handprint Media 100%! You will not regret going with them!


If you are looking for a photographer and videographer look no further!!! HANDPRINTMEDIA IS THE BEST OUT THERE!!! I can honestly say I don’t think the wedding would’ve been the same without them. They were so fun, professional, and creative!! Our photos are absolutely STUNNING and they captured every important part of our day. And our videos are AMAZING, there are so many details within each shot and they captured the emotions of every part of our day. BOOK THEM NOW YOU WILL NOTTTT REGRET IT!!!


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$ 1250
$ 1500
$ 1750
$ 2000
$ 2250
$ 2500
$ 2750
$ 3000
$ 3250
$ 3500
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$ 4000
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$ 5000
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$ 5500
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$ 6000
Video Package
Highly Unique Situations
If you have a special situation that doesn't fall under typical wedding needs get in contact with us and we may be able to help!
Highlight Film
The Highlight Film is our 5-10 minute long video. Typically about 2-3 songs long and covers all the major events on your wedding day!
Feature Film
The Feature Film is our 10-15 minute film. This is typically the best option for people who want the most amount of details captured at their wedding.
Destination Wedding
Planning to get away? Elopement is a great option for many couples. Video is potentially the most important piece to capture your love and share with friends and family!
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