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When to Say I Do: Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Date and Time

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Choosing the best date and time for your wedding is an important decision that will impact every aspect of your special day. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect date and time for your wedding.

Consider the season

  • The time of year you choose for your wedding can impact everything from the weather to the availability of your vendors. If you're dreaming of an outdoor wedding, consider the weather patterns in your area during different seasons. If you're on a tight budget, consider getting married during the off-season when vendors may offer discounts.

Check for conflicting events

  • Check for any major events or holidays that may conflict with your chosen wedding date. This could impact travel and accommodations for your guests and may make it harder to secure vendors for your wedding.

Think about your guests

  • Consider your guests when choosing your wedding date and time. If you have a lot of out-of-town guests, consider choosing a date that allows for ample travel time. If you have guests who work on weekends, consider having your wedding on a weekday or during the evening.

Keep in mind religious and cultural holidays

  • If you or your partner have strong religious or cultural ties, consider choosing a wedding date that aligns with important holidays or events.

Consider the time of day

  • The time of day you choose for your wedding can impact everything from the lighting for photos to the type of food you serve. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, consider choosing a time of day when the lighting will be just right. If you're having a brunch wedding, consider serving breakfast foods instead of dinner entrees.

Check vendor availability

  • Before you settle on a date, check with your preferred vendors to ensure they're available. This includes your venue, caterer, photographer, and DJ or band. Don’t forget your videographer!!! ;) If you have a specific vendor in mind, it's best to book them as soon as possible to ensure they're available on your chosen date.

Choose a date that is meaningful to you

  • Ultimately, the best date and time for your wedding is one that is meaningful to you and your partner. Whether it's the anniversary of your first date or the date of a special event, choose a date that holds special significance for you both.

Choosing the best date and time for your wedding can be a daunting task, but with careful consideration and planning, you can find the perfect date for your special day. Consider the season, check for conflicting events, think about your guests, keep in mind religious and cultural holidays, consider the time of day, check vendor availability, and choose a date that is meaningful to you. With these tips, you'll be on your way to finding the perfect wedding date.


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