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Your Life's Story

Personal Films

The most important moments in life are too often the most fleeting. So we try to take a breath, slow down, and take in every single moment because this is something we know we never want to forget! Let us help you create your own personal time capsules to go back and re-live these special occasions again and again.


The first time you held them in your arms, the first time you brought them home, their first smile, and the first time they called you mommy or daddy. Sometimes you wish you could freeze time just to hold onto these moments just a little longer. With photo and video, we bring that reality just a little closer.

Family Portrait Film

Your family is constantly changing year after year. You blink and suddenly you swear they just grew 3 feet. Whether you are looking for new family photo's to hang on the mantle, or a short film to capture the beautiful characteristics of your family, Handprint Media has you covered.

Birthday Party or
Special Event

From birthday parties, to engagements, anniversary celebrations, or even your annual cookout. Whatever the occasion we can make sure that you don't miss a moment and your friends and family can always experience the party over and over again.



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