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An Idea Forms

The thought of Handprint Media begins to form mid 2019, what it would be and how it would look was still to be determined.



Sparks Fly

Nathan and Kim meet at the beginning of 2019. It didn't take long for us to realize that there was a spark to be had between each other. 


Basically Married at Sight

Some thought it might be too fast but Nathan and Kim were married in November of 2019. After only knowing each other for 8 months it seemed to be quick. We knew that we had been led together by God and together we kept Him first in our relationship as well as being intentional with our goals. So, we didn't want to wait any longer to commit to each other for life!



Tennessee Honeymoon


COVID Strikes

Talk about a start to your marriage! COVID 19 hit soon after our marriage and caused Nathan to lose his job at a NWI Physical Therapist. It was a scary time but also gifted us the time to reflect on career goals as well as feel blessed that our loved ones were healthy.

Handprint Media is Born

The company was officially formed in 2020 and we began to go around and share our information with local businesses while doing "reviews". The reviews didn't last long and we ultimately changed our path

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